delivered just-in-time.
Thea products enable merchants to deliver exactly right message at exactly right moment.
There is so much to pay
by the vehicle owners.

Every owner of the vehicle -new or old, passenger car or heavy duty truck -
has tons of must have expenses just to let the vehicle go.
Parts and technical services

Spareparts, consumables, technical maintenance services, vehicle accessories and other numerous expense categories.
Most of them are must-be-paid for every vehicle owner, irrespectively of its purchasing power.
Day-to-day costs

Payments for vehicle related services - from parking and toll roads to fuelling and to car wash and assistance services.

Different with periods and payment sizes, those costs are mostly unavoidable for the most to use any vehicle normally.
Insurance, lease and other costs

Vehicle insurance, vehicle lease payments, fines and penalties as well as other obligatory payments.

Many of them are required by law.
Data is the King.
Vehicle delivers wealth of data, which enables you
to get refined understanding ot the vehicle owner's current needs -
be it fuel, or assistance service, or spare part or vehicle insurance to be purchased.
telematic data

Huge telematic data sets coming from the vehicle CANbus, the telematic hardware sensors and other sources. This may, for instance, include:

Vehicle VIN code
fuel level & consumption
engine temperature
diagnostic codes
vehicle acceleration & deceleration
vehicle location and speed
… and much more
Vehicle events
and parameters

Row telematic data can then be processed and in certain combinations and be converted into specific event and parameterss, for example:

Car accident
Driving style
Cold start
Vehicle fueling
Technical maintenance event
…. and much more
Vehicle owner

These events largely define the drivers and the vehicle owners needs, which merchant may target at the exactly right moment:

Assistance service
Oil filter and oil offers
Technical maintenance services
Vehicle insurance adjusted pricing
Car accessory offer
Seasonal tyre change
and, of course, much much more.
Context based commerce.
Taking telematics, vehicle use and other relevant data together will enable merchants to make very targeted context based marketing and sales offers - exactly what users need at exactly right moment they make purchasing decision.
Context based commerce.
Taking telematics, vehicle use and other relevant data together will enable merchants to make very targeted context based marketing and sales offers - exactly what users need at exactly right moment they make purchasing decision.
Select target group
in your very own (creative) way.
Smart targeting lets you focus on very special group of clients,
which you can refine based on dozens of parameters
related to the vehicle, the driver, and the context the vehicle is used.
Wealth of parameters may include vehicle location, VIN code, vehicle made, trim level, model and production year, vehicle condition, diagnostic codes, fuel level or consumption, and other vehicle parameters.
Segmentation is available by vehicle owner or driver, and may include
legal entity or individual segmentation by age or sex, driving experience and similar parameters.
Vehicle use
The way the vehicle is used may be instrumental for the targeting. Few examples: vehicle idle time, mileage,
use in urban, rural or remote areas, driving style, car accidents, mastering level,
Deliver sniper-shot effective messages.
Choose the right communication channel,
which will be the most accepted by the user,
provided the context of the vehicle use and marketing message you deliver.
Client Applications
Other Channels
Client Applications
Family of mobile and web applications,
used by the drivers and vehicle owners are ideal to deliver marketing message where the focus on the vehicle is natural.
Communications through popular messengers
Should your users have mobile messengers (like Telegram) installed,
they may become very effective communication tool for specific context. It is always cheaper to prevent the problem before it occurs.
Email and SMS messages delivery
Regular or urgent messages, always draw attention, on mobile or desktop client.
Variety of other options
Traditional phone calls or something less conventional.
How about clients' corporate fleet technical maintenance report with your oil change offer at the page bottom?
Yes, you can pay by your vehicle.
Thea products make any vehicle as a payment instrument,
just like smartphones or payment cards.
made easy and relevant.

Depending on the sales model, the customer may purchase your goods or services directly through Thea products, or go to your website to complete purchase right there.
Direct purchase
The vehicle may have its ve ry own digital vallet, mobile payment system or bank card connected to it. Drivers pay by mobile app,or simply by putting the vehicle on alarm mode. Variety of purchase tools for immediate context based purchases on the road.
Lead to partners' website
When the driver or vehicle owner is outside the vehicle, there might be different context and need for purchases. Let user move to your website for detailed review of your product or service, judgement and informed purchase. It is all in your hands.